Nonoguchi Group is looking for undergraduate
and graduate students who are willing to
challenge the cutting edge with us!

Shaping the Future of Energy and Resources

Realizing “Green Transformation (GX)” on a global scale with nanotechnology

Group Member

We aim to be an inclusive lab, embracing diversity whenever possible

Nonoguchi Group seeks to develop chemical technologies that will open up the future of energy resources. Why don’t you join us and take on this challenge?
We introduce our laboratory in detail, such as the type of students we are looking for and our research culture.

Extracting Unutilized Energy

Thermal energy conversion is an effective way to utilize discarded thermal energy. By using carbon nanotubes as materials for thermal energy conversion, we are developing lightweight, flexible, and high-performance “soft power generation devices.

Cutting-edge Sumi Ink Design

Carbon nanotubes are lightweight, strong, heat-resistant, and conduct electricity. We have succeeded in mixing carbon nanotubes with various materials such as metals and resins, which has been a challenge for their practical application, and are now working to elucidate their mechanisms.

Industry-University Cooperation

We are also active in information exchange and technological development with companies. We have participated in exhibitions, made press announcements, and jointly launched new products.

Seniors who are in our laboratory and seniors who have graduated and are on a new path. Here are some of their research themes.

We will introduce the infrastructure for developing cutting-edge nanotechnology research with a few words of comment.

We are looking for undergraduate and
graduate students who are willing
to take on cutting-edge challenges with us!

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students who are up for a new challenge!
Graduate student candidates from technical colleges and other universities,

as well as for recurrent Ph.D. training are also welcomed.
Please feel free to contact us.